UI design

the final look and feel

  • UI is the visual design (or graphics) we apply to an interactive journey.

  • Good design makes people happy.

  • Happy people spend more time and money.

Visual design impacts us emotionally before anything else. It elicits reactions which affect all logical decisions that follow, to the extent where we might even post-rationalise these decisions to make them seem more logical than they were. User interfaces (UI) work to communicate the desired emotion we want customers to experience and confirm your brand’s personality, culture or values.

Beautiful interfaces have a number of positive benefits on customer behaviour:

1. Customers are more likely to try out your interface.
2. People spend more time on interfaces they find visually appealing.
3. People are more likely to believe information that is well presented.
4. Users are generally more forgiving if something goes wrong.
5. Customers are more likely to successfully complete their tasks.

Design system

How an interface looks and how it works are intimately connected; visual design is more than a process of making wireframes pretty. It requires taking an interactive prototype and applying graphic design that amplifies the emotional state you want your customers to experience. With a deep understanding and commitment to UX design, our UI designers work with your team and brand guidelines to create a design system with UX at its core.

To effectively implement a consistent UI design, we advocate a well-formed design system. A design system breaks up each page into its components, housing them in a shared library that is accessible company-wide. A design system makes the product faster to design, cheaper to build, and easier for customers to understand. 

Example of a design system

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